pissed off !

I know today is Bobby day, LO:CI, Season 7, screen caps, videos, slideshows, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby.
Heh, you know I love him, too.

While you were watching Purgatory I spent the evening with family and friends of mine, watching the European Champions' League (love that shit – hot guys running across the field, sweating, taking off t-shirts... you got the idea).

Germany 2 - Poland 0

Afterwards we drove home. In the streets dozens (!!!) of fucking idiots who were singing Nazi-songs, bawling anti-Polish slogans, some asses wore uniforms; some were holding SS-flags in their hands.
I was going to get out of the car
(have had my SWMNBN cap on) and say some "nice" words, but sadly my boyfriend held me back... aaarrghhh!

At home – still as pissed off as possible - I checked out my YouTube inbox; many people sent me videos about that football match (why?); all of them contain hatred. WTF???

Could not resist to post some comments on these vids; seems I am in troubles now...

My - how- idiots - hate - being - contradicted!

(Sorry, felt necessary to post this)


  1. Obviously, my dear, you needed to vent. So why not vent among friends? Sorry to hear of your encounters with the idiots. Hope you get to see Purgatory soon!!! XOXOXO

  2. Don't people ever learn? I wanted Germany to win, but if there are supporters like that who will be pleased by it, I'll opt for someone else. I'd do the same if it was racist English hooligans, too.

  3. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Some people have brain cells so tiny, I wonder that they can walk and talk at the same time. Then again, maybe they can't ;0)

    I think you were right to vent!

  4. Jazzy my dear I am so glad you can come here and vent. These wankers obviously cannot do that, and so have to stand on street corners and do so, instead.

    If Bobby were here, he would have gotten out of the car and slapped them around a bit till they shut the fuck up.

    Now: why not take that thought and make a lovely day-dream out of it. Bobby, getting physical. Repeat after me ... Bobby, getting physical .. Bobby, getting physical ... there now, is that better?

    L x

  5. That's one of the reasons we have blogs...besides Bobby/VDO...is a place to vent and share the good things and not so good things about our lives.

    Am so sorry that such a positive day ended so reprehensibly for you.

    Unfortunately, all sports teams have a number of "idiot fans." I see it all the time here in the States and that is one reason I don't go to as many games as I used to. I just content myself with watching the games on TV, here in the comfort of my idiot-free (though some may disagree with that statement) apartment.

  6. Arme Jazzy, Sport soll Spaß machen und nicht im nationalen Faschismus enden. Ich finde es schade, dass Du sowas erleben musstest. Ich hoffe Übermorgen im Station von Klagenfurtein schönes Spiel zu erleben. Nochmals, Sport soll verbinden und nicht gegen einander aufhetzen...

  7. thank you everyone for great words!