No! You just listen to me!

Just listen to me now!!

8 men - actually killed by her partner Bernard Fremont - convicted in Thailand
Her own 3 year-old daughter - not convicted/proven
Elizabeth Hitchens - not convicted/proven
Mr. Winthrop - actually killed by Mark Bayley - not convicted/proven
Kate Robbins - actually killed by Mark Bayley - not convicted/proven
Mark Bayley - not convicted/proven
Connie Matson - not convicted/proven
Daniel Croydon - not convicted/proven
Ella Miyazaki - not convicted/proven
Zach Thaler - not convicted/proven
Larry Chapel - not convicted/proven
Bernard Fremont - not convicted/proven be continued??


  1. She is so frightening.

    Olivia d'Abo is a gifted actress in this role - she and Vincent are so believable together.

    Jazzy I am listening to the downloads of hers you sent me. She's a bloody good musician, too!

  2. aaarrrggghhh!!!

    As much as I like Olivia as an actress/singer I can't bear Nicole.I think my protective instinct kicks in and I just want to scratch her eyes out LOL.If she does come back then Alex has to shoot her...Bobby would be crippled with thoughts if he did it

  3. I am worse than Nicole, I am the right woman for Bobby....

  4. Bobby you are a gentleman,pleaseee let me really good bea*h slap Nicole!!Pleaseee Bobby!!

  5. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Aaaaah, my eyes, my eyes, it's the blonde evil swamp creature *runs screaming from the room*

  6. I haven't heard her music. I have to say, her father's contribution to Manfred Mann seemed to me to be inferior to Paul Jones's.

    But she does act well. Damn her.


  8. Nicole deserves some kudos here. After all, she was the catalyst that made him yell and slam that table with absolute testosterone-driven authority. LOL

  9. Snark is right! We have to thank Nicole for some of BOBBY'S finest moments.

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