Nearly missed it

This is the video I should have thought of making when I first capped Purgatory.

Still, better late than never.

Just in case you don't think this sunny music fits such a tense episode, just remember - it was the first time we'd seen any new Bobby since the winter, so it was a sunny day as far as I was concerned.

As for the song - well, as I consider it The Beatles' best, itmust surely be the best rock/pop song of all time.


  1. yep, the song fits! bobby is the SUN at the center of the solar system, all the others are just asteroids!

    aahm... is it blasphemy to say that his co-actor (what's his name?) looks good?
    (i do penance now)

  2. One of my favorite Beatles songs! You do have good taste in music to go along with great taste in men.

    And the song is most appropriate considering it was a long, hard, lonely winter without new episodes of LOCI! :)

  3. Val, I understand your point of view completely!

  4. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Well, he certainly is the sunshine of my life...

    Jazzy, you are more than welcome to 'have' his co-star. I'll take the tall, gorgeously cuddly one (I wish!)

  5. I think the song works well,both for us and Bobby..after all it must have seemed a long hard winter until he got his badge back too :-D

    Jazzy:You're welcome to his co-star...leaves more V for the rest of us LOL

  6. meanies!

    (okay, i deserved to be treated like that)