Five Minutes Mr. Welles


I think he's positively hump-a-licious in this ...


  1. Oh My God!! Thank You For Posting This. When he's eating the ice cream (Woof) His Voice, Oh His Voice....I have to watch it again.

  2. It's 5am on a Saturday,and I just watched it again...I don't know who posted it on youtube,but I love them anyway :-D

    Snarkangel:Humpalicious describes him perfectly!!

  3. *humpaliciously happy*

    what a sexy pronunciation he got when he speaks german! i am in heaven!

  4. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Would someone please cap those first few minutes of his feet and crotch and make my life complete!!!

    You are a genuis for finding this :0) I just hope it's still here when I have time to watch all of it (a little later today)

    Thank you Thank you Thank you

  5. I love the beginning, too, Diane. But my fave part is when he's scratching his lower belly. I'm so jealous of his fingers right now! LOL

  6. I love Vincent, but I'm not sure I liked the film. The female lead was very weak. The music bugged the shit out of me. It took me three viewings to understand what the hell was going on.

    Vincent, however, was wonderful. And I'm NOT just saying that out of loyalty.

    I feel very strongly that the only person who COULD have put this up on YouTube is Vincent himself, and I chose to believe that's who is behind VDO630. I think it is him.

    Now - we need to mobilise all our resources and get as many people to watch as possible! This film needs to be seen! It represents a huge chunk of energy and time and effort on Vincent's part, and he deserves credit for it.

  7. never did I believe we would ever get the chance to see this movie... I've come home dead ill and deadbeat and this has positively cheered me up, boosted my spirits, made my day, my week, my month, my year, my forevermore

  8. lozzie, whoever put it on youtube has done a very very good deed.

    ironically in judaism 630 represents the number of laws or mitzvot (good deeds) and this sure was one very big good deed indeed

    I didn't think the female part was weak... I think she complemented Welles well ('xcuse the pun)

    I think Vincent did his best in emulating Welles, but there was still something that eluded him in fully portraying the man... something I simply cannot put my finger on

    the script was great; I thoroughly enjoyed the dialogue between them and his laugh was brilliant.

    there were moments when I saw similarities to Robert E Howard, another brilliant, but misunderstood mind.

    Now for the $64m question? Who knows how to put a youtube video onto disc? I'm sure it would show even better on a bigger screen!!!!!!

  9. *happy goofy smile*I had a silly happy fit,when I saw it!!I loved his perfomance!!Vincent looked sooo tall,and those long legs..thammm!!And yea his 13-size shoes,sooo big!!;)
    I get so much turned on,when that hot man speaks a foren language with his sexy smokey voice!!Mmm..purrr..woof!!;))

  10. Okay, isn't June 30th VDO's birthday, hence VDO630. Perhaps that is too simple......

    With thanks to snarkangel for posting it. I watched it when I got home from work yesterday afternoon, but did not comment then. What a treat...the film, the performance...the whole package.

    It has been suggested that...assuming VDO is the only one who could have posted it on YouTube...that those of us with blogs post it there, or give a link to YouTube to give as much exposure to the film as possible. Also be sure to leave comments on YouTube.

    Finally, when VDO is sprawled on the bed at the beginning and the camera pans around to the front...instead of focusing on the film...all I could think of was "I can't wait to hear what the "Vixens" have to say about this...especially Diane. LOL You didn't disappoint.

  11. Finally get to see this! Thanks to all for posting this everywhere. :)

  12. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Did I mention I absolutely adore him? I do y'know :0)

  13. I am completely made up over this. Snarky, you are a diamond.

    I want to download it and burn it to disc. TheReel managed to post a bit, how'd they do that, and can I please get some knowhow from somewhere? I owe my public (not to mention myself) some caps.

  14. I stand by what I said about the female lead simply because I hear evidence that she did not work on her voice for the part to anything like the same degree Vincent did, and that just irritates me. Little things like her pronunciation of the word "schedule".

    (I am of course assuming her accent is meant to be British.)

  15. I thought it was going to be just a snippet of Vincent's film not the whole thing - what a wonderful surprise. I Love It. I was like you Tess - when he was eating the ice cream - I could hardly contain myself :)
    When he started to speak at the beginning WOW - he got it so right.

    Thanks to everyone who made this possible for us to see.

    Humpalicious - what a wonderful word - Snarkangel ;)