the bear and the python

Yesterday we were talking about 'vincent- bobby dreams'. Sadly i don't dream often about our man. At least the first thing I see when i open my eyes, and the last thing I see before I fall into sleep is the big bear and the python.
I think that is fair.

No doubt I prefer this:

Good night vixens, and have sweet dreams!


  1. *gasppp*O my,o wake up with him beside me every morning..*drooling dreams away*

  2. Anonymous9:09 PM

    I know which teddy bear/python I'd like to see/experience....

    I swear I'd never get out of bed - and neither would he ;0)

  3. How about the bare python?

  4. If a sleeping VDO was what I was looking at before I went to sleep, I'd never fall asleep and he'd be awake pretty soon, too. LOL

  5. I often refer to Bobby/VDO as "The Bear" in my long-hand journal, just in case someone finds it (er, like my husband??!!)

    And as for "The Python" - well. 'Nuff said.

  6. He IS "the perfect dream," isn't he?