sexiest englishmen

yesss the UK voted for the sexiest brit man. here is the result: 
10. Jude Law
09. Jason Isaacs
08. Peter O’Toole
07. Brian Molko
06. Iggy Pop

05. Hugh Grant

04. James Purefoy

03. Billy Idol
02. Julian Sands

... and the winner is

Sir David Thin White Duke Robert Nathan Adler Jones We-Are-Unworthy
Heyward Bowie


  1. Much as I love David Bowie, it should have been James Purefoy (Rome). He is just one very sex actor.

  2. Bowie still looks pretty darn good after all these years.

  3. Peter O'Toole? Maybe 40 years ago. And he's Irish!

    Notice that, unlike American women, we Brits don't find Hugh Laurie sexy.

  4. oooooh... what no Colin Firth or Rupert Everett or Rufus Sewell... even Bill Nighy has something quite appealing

  5. I like David Bowie but No.1 Sexiest Englishman - not for me.
    I agree with Colin Firth and Rupert Everett also Jeremy Sheffield or Alan Rickman.
    Iggy Pop ???? he's an American !!

  6. hey, i haven't made that vote-thing, i just tell you who won it ;)

    rupert everett would work for me too, but i REALLY miss david becks

  7. And in my humble opinion, not ONE of them comes even CLOSE to the sexiness that is Mr. Vincent D'Onofrio ...

  8. ok, maybe the standards for sexiness are different in the british isles, but, david bowie sexier than hugh grant??? colin firth? sir james paul, 44 years ago?

  9. ...and i am still missing david kick it beckham!

  10. I think for the purposes of this exercise, Vincent should be granted temporary citizenship.

  11. Well vivb beat me to the whole "Iggy's from Indiana" spiel. And where is Clive Owen? But I am totally in agreement with David Bowie.