from tiny to XXL

i have tried to make this pic larger - but it does not work - waaahhh!
so please follow the link; there you can view vincent in XXL format.

the girl who took that photo shot says:

i have to admit that i was actually a bit start struck. he was on a panel at the film fest i am working and as soon as i realized he was there, i knew i had to take a shot for my friend who is a HUGE law and order buff and fan of his.
(not that i'm not one myself)
this is my first real celebrity encounter.
and it's always so strange to me how people flock around celebs and say silly things.
i didn't want to be that person.
as i stood waiting for the crowd to disperse, i shared a nice smile with him.
he sat down to have a cigarette and a drink. i walked up, smiled and said, "i have a friend who will never forgive me if i don't take your photo."
he smiled a yes and continued his conversation.

which was perfect.


  1. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Thanks for the link. What a lovely shot of him and some nice sentiments to go with it. Ah for the old days, when Flickr used to let you SAVE pictures. I guess we can thank the evil ones that stole them and SOLD them on Ebay for screwing it for the rest of us who just like to have them.

  2. Nice! Thanks for sharing that photo. It's just so nice to hear story after story of how nice he is to fans. :)

  3. you are more than welcome; sharing pix of him is a pleasure.

    all those new photos shows how friendly he is AND happy AND sexy! well, it's our vince :)

  4. Nice story and photo. My question, how did she stop with just one? I would have filled up the card on my digital camera... and then some. I would have asked him to pose for a portrait...anything to prolong the experience of being that close to him.

  5. she used a polaroid, BBG. it takes minutes to take one shot (i think).
    i can imagine you jumping on his lap and whispering something in his ear. well, that is what i would have done

  6. wow! that's amaizing.


  7. Perhaps she didn't want to take TOO many pictures because he was, after all, on a bit of a break (having a drink and a ciggie.)


  8. ... or she took 38475 pictures but does not want to share with us :-(

  9. I just have to meet that man.

  10. I just have to "meat" that man.

  11. Oh, Jazzy, dear. "Jump" is something this old girl doesn't do anymore. And, trust me, if VDO EVER saw me coming toward him, he would RUN as fast as his long, muscular legs would carry him in the opposite direction. Thank you for the "visual" of me on his lap, however. I'm still laughing. Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!

  12. vince is worth a try (and worth ANY jump)!

  13. great pic. and to meet him would be fab but he would have to come over to the UK as i've no passport so can't get to the USA to see him. just in my dreams!!!!!

  14. hold on, judith i really love the UK - but what's about a stop off in germany? please ask him when he visits you!