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in addition to eating and human vocalization, the human tongue has many secondary uses. these include certain forms of kissing known as tongue kissing or sometimes french kissing in which the tongue plays a primary role. generally, use of the tongue (such as licking), or interaction between tongues, appears to be a common gesture of affection.
the tongue also has a distinct use in both male and female forms of oral sex, and is typically used to a great extent in foreplay and traditional sexual intercourse as well. because of its use in both the phenomenon of human sexual interactions, the tongue sometimes is associated with a sensual or erotic connotation.

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  1. Don't get me started Jazzy on Vincent pink tounge*gigles*!!
    I don't want any tounge,but Vincent's!!:));))It is very flexible,*blush*just like his beautiful,long,and strong body!!;)) is so pink!!Purrr!!

  2. That was awesome! thank you for those lovely pictures!

  3. Ahhhhh! The tongue flicks...the wonderful, magical, mystical, whimsical, maddeningly delicious tongue flicks. Can you tell I'm a fan of Bobby's flirtatious tongue? Nice, Jazzy. Very, verrrrrrrrrry NICE!!

  4. ya know, i COULD make a crack about how you have way too much time on your hands, but then what would we ever do if you didn't "waste" time posting lucious bobby tongue pix.

  5. hi fenwayspal, bobby's tongue took me 20 minutes (omg what a sentence, lol)

    bobbyG, a second ago i've watched your 'tongue-artwork' -- you topped mine!

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