celebs for peta

i know, everyone here loves pets/animals, so i hope i will not bore you with an "aside-vince-post".
peta started a campaign, supported by german celebs. here are a few brilliant placards:

thomas kretschmar (handball pro)

thomas D. (singer, 'Fanta4')

olivia jones (entertainer, anchorman)

kerstin linnartz (anchorwoman)

sarah connor (singer)


  1. I'm against natural fur,too!!I don't wear a animal on me!!We are not in stone age!!There is fake fur,helooo!!You are not a anti-Vincent,you,don't worry!!

  2. When I was a teenager, I had a fake fur ocelot coat. A boy from school said one day, "Do you know how many ocelots had to die to make that coat?" I said, "It's nylon." Few seconds pause. He came back with, "Do you know how many nylons had to die to make that coat?"

    I love my fur live and still on the animal it belongs to. It's my ambition to touch tiger fur on the tiger before I die.

  3. fake fur is a way to promote all kind of fur, real ones included.

    lol, touching the tiger... yeah that's my ambition, too. but i call that tiger "vincent".

  4. And which "furry part" would you touch first, my dear Jazzy? LOL

  5. today you are very nosy, lol.
    well, the smell of that wild animal would guide me.