Joint Project

I wrote this poem a while back and posted it on my blog. The amazing Eliza set it to pictures and music.

Vincent is such an inspiration.


  1. I love it! It's so much FUN! And it sums it all up very neatly.

    You folks are so clever ... *sigh*

    I hope Vincent can feel the love, all the way over there in Manhattan.

  2. I love the music from that movie it was perfect for it, I guess you love him hey Val.

  3. Nice and cool video!!That man inspiers every woman!!Vincent open the door,to my long forgoten poetry/artistic part of me!!I*blush*have filled a whole note-book,with poetry;and he is the inspiration*blush*!!Now I'm starting a new one!!

  4. Anonymous11:53 AM

    wow. i really liked this vid. uhhh, what else do i need early in the morning before my lectures. what lectures??? now i'm gonna think about him and my prof will kill me. ohh well, very nice vid, and music is so calm. lol


  5. omg never thought about his toe YET!

    thank you val :)